Save Money on Legal Document Preparation

This Long Beach, CA Legal Document Assistant can help you save money by preparing your legal documents for you. Attorneys charge by the hour. As an LDA, we can provide them in a more affordable way.


Legal Document Preparation We Can Provide

We provide an array of documents AND we deliver them to you, as well as filing them with the court. The prices below do not reflect the court fees, which would be made payable to the particular court.

Health Care Directives
Living Trusts
Powers of Attorney
Marital Settlement Agreements
Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements
Dismissal of Family Law Case
Property Transfer
Simple Estate Planning
Small Claims

Uncontested Divorce
Divorce with Children
Dissolution of Marriage
Child Custody
Dissolution of Partnership
Custody Modifications
Settlement Agreements
Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Spousal Support
Name Changes

Next Steps...

If you are in Los Angeles County, this mobile Southern California Legal Document Assistant can come to you and help your legal situation.